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Out latest bash based dotfiles, fast and beautifull

github.com bash, dotfiles


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Corepack is an experimental tool to help with managing versions of your package managers. It exposes binary proxies for each supported package manager (yarn,pnpm) that, when called, will identify whatever package manager is configured for the current project, transparently install it if needed, and finally run it without requiring explicit user interactions.

nodejs.org typescript, javascript

Github resources

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Github learning pathway

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Modern script loading

, Blog Post

jasonformat.com javascript, best-practice

Surma personal blog

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Web platform advocate at Shopify and in the past at Google.

surma.dev web

Semantic versioning

, Reference

A versioning scheme for using meaningful version numbers.

semver.org git

JSON schema

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"$schema" in top of json file!

json-schema.org javascript

HTTP 203

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Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development from google developer.

youtube.com web

RSS feed best practises

, Blog Post

Good article about rss feed I'm use this for this blog.

kevincox.ca 11ty, seo

Grouped version updates for Dependabot

, Project

github.blog github

Conventional commits

, Reference

www.conventionalcommits.org git

Conventional changelog configuration spec

, Reference

github.com git, ci